The Melanated Experience

Growing up, it was a tradition to wake up early Saturday morning with my mom and siblings to conduct a “Mommy Clean” of our crowded apartment. My mother required us to clean the entire house from top to bottom, from cupboards to cracks and crevices. We left no corner unturned.

This time afforded me the opportunity to bond with them over smooth sounds of 70s-90s hip hop & R&B from the sounds of Motown to Tupac Shakur, it was guaranteed that our home would be spotless with a peaceful aura.  The feeling of accomplishment meshed with a freshly sanitized and disinfected apartment made for a very peaceful home.  This time together although most consider it a chore, helped to sever unresolved issues between family members.  The tranquility that hovered afterwards was the reward that made our environment, conversations, and family stronger. Our house would be so clean, extended family members requested our services which we were compensated.  

This standard of cleaning continues to resonate with me in adulthood.  I am always amazed at the state of calmness that lingers when an environment whether residential or commercial is properly cleaned and sanitized; it is a treasure to embrace when entering a home or office.  I truly believe it can make or break some crucial relationships whether family or business.  When you function in an unsanitary, disorderly and/or clustered environment, I truly believe it has the ability to affect ones mood. 

For those families or businesses who desire/require a clean environment, Purified Professional Services, LLC is the cleaning service that will restore and maintain the peace and calm to the environment via the “Mommy Clean” standard of cleaning. Our goal is to ensure that every customer feels their environment receives “A Spotless Service They Can Rely On” and the burden of cleaning is one less item on the to do list.